DJ2010 USB - MP3 Player

Less wire, less fuss – simply more buzz.

DJ2010 USB – What is it?

DJ2010 USB is the most advanced professional MP3 player available. DJ2010 USB is an intelligent combination of software and hardware packed in one neat package, including all necessary hardware, drivers and software.

That’s right NO additional hardware is required. DJ2010 USB’s remote control unit is a celebration of integration and cutting edge design.

The remote control unit contains two high quality sound modules integrated to the remote controller’s PCB. Software installation package includes all drivers revolutionary DJ2010 software and an ID tag editor.

DJ2010 USB – To whom?

DJ2010 USB is a MUST for every professional DJ, serious home mixer, heavy music users and wannabe DJs. No prior experience of computers is needed. If you are able to start the computer you probably can master the basics of DJ2010 USB. Mixing is an art form and requires imagination. DJ2010 USB is the best tool to practice mixing because it is SUPER fast, accurate, easy to use and most of all gives you a change to do as you imagine.

DJ2010 USB – A package?

DJ2010USB is supplied in elegant, all inclusive package. The package contains remote control unit, software installation disc, user manual and all necessary cables. All you need is a desktop or a laptop PC and a mixer.

DJ2010 USB – Why?

DJ2010 USB is designed for professionals by professionals. Unlike any other product in the market, DJ2010 USB is using the latest USB technology. This new technology offers the user the very same latency at all times, USB port is reliable and stabile information super highway directly to your PCs heart.

DJ2010 USB – Remote control unit?

Intelligent software design and smart button combinations reduces the need of useless buttons. ALL the really important stuff and much more is just a click away. Hey, look I have more than one finger!

Remote control unit is your unlimited access to the software. Both decks and a sampler has their own set of buttons in the remote control unit. While deck one plays the song you can search next song with deck number two and furthermore you can use the sampler as a third player. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

DJ2010 USB - Connection?

If you take a look to the back side of the remote control unit you will find 4 RCA and USB connectors. That’s right. Audio cables are to be attached to the remote controller not the computer. Place for connectors is carefully considered and provides a glimpse of professional design.

The remote control unit is covered with scratch resistant metal casing which offers the maximum protection for delicate circuit board. Take your laptop and remote control unit to the venue, connect RCA cables to the mixer and open your laptop. Working has never been this easy, fun and creative.

Specially designed rubber / silicone buttons offer you better feeling to players and sampler. Response is immediate and accurate. USB is faster than any other standard port and that’s why DJ2010 USB uses it. Latency is always the same and that’s why mixing is easy.


DJ2010 USB – Software?

Software is a production of brilliant and creative code writers, the concept, functions and effects are opinions and demands of professional DJs and mix masters. How would you feel to save up to 256 cue points / track? With dj2010usb it is possible.

Create cue points with extremely accurate QP-editor. Make seamless loops with loop editor – without any limits in loop length. How about playing loops, samples and tracks in reverse?

Own user interface?. Yes, please. Select your favourite skin, define desired colour settings, store your own, individual cue points (up to 256 / track).

It would take a day to list all wonderful functions of DJ2010 USB. Contact your local dealer or distributor for a test drive. We are pretty sure you’ll love it.

DJ2010 USB – Music?

All music you need is stored in the PCs hard drive. Rip your own collections to the hard drive, compress files to MP3 format and tag them with SLS id tag editor, which is by the way supplied with the installation software.

All your tracks with ID tag are shown in the track library. The library can be sorted just the way you want; by BPM, artiste, title, year or by your own grades. No more heavy CD cases, just one small bag and you have thousands of tracks.

DJ2010 USB – What about me?

If the DJ2010USB has many users in the very same venue they all have their own individual user names and passwords. Each user can define their own, private music folder (sharing is up to you), colour settings, skins, cue points samples…

DJ2010 USB – Computer?

Sounds absolutely brilliant, doesn’t it? But what does this all require from the desktop or laptop PC? We are more than happy to announce that absolutely nothing special.

If you happen to have at least 600MHz processor, 128Mb RAM, CD-ROM drive and a screen resolution of 1024x768 your computer is capable enough. You also need to make sure your computer has a USB port. Recommended operating system is Windows2000 or Windows XP professional installed.




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