MX240 MKlll Mixer


Very robust 19 inch - 7HE - 25 slanted mixing panel

Frontplate with dark grey satin finish and fosfo printing that lightens up in the dark

Large input possibilities: 24 inputs

6 input channels Switchable Phono, CD / DAT, MD / AUX, or Microphone

Specially designed high quality input stages to reduce disturbances from the outside

Gain control, triple equalizer tone control, Balance / Panaroma and PFL on all channels

Short 60mm new easy-slide ALPS channel faders for fast mixing

Soft touch fader and rotative knobs for a better grip

Crossfader for easy fading between channels 1-2 and 3-4

Four LED VU-meters, range from -40dB to +3dB. The first two monitor the PFL or spilt signal and the last two monitor the output signals, selectable with a rotative selection switch

Very powerful headphones output with volume control

A second headphones connector on the back panel

Mono / Stereo switch

Two fader controlled master outputs + one monitor output

Six record-outputs also useable as aux-output

Possibility to record without DJ-mic

Standard electronical symmetrical outputs to become better signal transmissions

High headroom reserve (upto +24dBm)


36V voltage-supply for high dynamics on all in- and outputs

Fast and noise-free inputs for the CD, MD and DAT signal sources

C&K switches with gold plated contacts in the signalways

Easily replaceable ALPS-faders and crossfader and crossfader with connectors

Long life dust-free ALPS rotative potentiometers and input selector switches

Torodial transformer to reduce the hum generated by a normal transformer

Power net-filter to reduce disturbances on the net

All handmade and handsoldered PCB-boards


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