Digital Multi Processor

The WZ-DM35 is a digital multi processor with two inputs and four outputs.


The six functions, including the graphic equalizer function, parametric equalizer function, delay function, crossover network function, compressor/limiter function, and noise gate function that are required required between the mixer and power amplifier, are all built into this single unit. This feature is great help for saving system space and cables and for reducing connection loss.

There are six basic modes, namely three delay modes for sense-of-direction control (DELAY1 to DELAY3) and three crossover network modes (X-OVER1 to X-OVER3). The combination of modes and I/O interfaces means it can be used in a variety of configuratons: a 1-input/4-output system; two 1-input/2-output systems; a 1-input/3-output system and a 1-input/1-output system; and a 2-input/4-output system.

Apart from general analog inputs and outputs, this multiprocessor has a digital audio interface and conforms to the AES/EBU format.

24-bit A/D and D/A converters are employed for analog inputs and outputs to offer a dynamic range close to that of an analog device.

All settings can be saved in up to 16 patterns in the memory. A sound field suited to a specific purpose is always available even in a multi-purpose space by saving a variety of sound field patterns in the memory and calling back appropriate pattern data from it.


Technical Specifications
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