Digital Multi Equalizer

The WZ-DE45 is a digital multi equalizer with two inputs and two outputs


The six functions, including the graphic equalizer function, parametric equalizer function, delay function, notch filter function, compressor/limiter function, and noise gate function that are required for an acoustic system, are all built into this single unit.

Two modes are available to suit a specific purpose of use through combination of the basic functions.

Apart from general analog inputs and outputs, this multi equalizer has a digital audio interface and conforms to the AES/EBU format.

24 bit A/D and D/A converters are employed for analog inputs and outputs to offer a dynamic range close to that of an analog device.

The notch filter can be automatically set to match the sound field, handling howling peculiar to specific sound fields efficiently with the auto notch function. The dynamic notch function following the howling frequency in realtime, taking care of unexpected howling such as when a microphone is moved.

All settings can be saved in up to 16 patterns in the memory.



Technical Specifications
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