CKS Series

Professional Power Amplifier


CK amplifiers are the center of Crest´s Power Processing System. They combine our legendary sound quality with proven technology, solid reliability, and are configurable depending upon your needs. Each solution is optimized to address installations of varying size and functionality.

If you require remote control and monitoring of CK amplifiers, with or without Digital Signal Processing, then our full-featured NexSys™ computer control system is right for you.

If you require Digital Signal Processing with low cost presets that reconfigure the system, then the Octopus Locally Controlled Processor is the answer.

For basic "set & forget" processing, the N-Coder PC provides configuration of any NC-input module.

Design focus

The CK family is comprised of three distinct amplifier series, each optimized for a specific application. CKS amplifiers are for low impedance loads, CKV is for directly coupled high impedance loads, and CKX is for high impedance loads that require transformer isolation. All CK amplifiers incorporate our full suite of protection features plus PowerSave, our energy monitoring system that keeps current-draw and noise at minimum when the amplifier is idle.


CKS 100, CKS 200, CKS 400, CKS 800,

CKS 800-2, CKS 1200-2, CKS 1600-2