A&E Voodoo Board

probably the best for-audio broadband isolation platform in the world today

Voodoo... the exotic art of resonance control
- SanJ. writer, I-Audio Magazine

Dimensions: 484.5mm (W) x 51mm (H) x 403mm (D)

Nett Weight: 18 Kg

Finish: Voodoo Board is available in a number of beautifully finished real wood veneers including American Cherry, Figure Anegre and Golden Oak.

Not just a board!

[1] MASS: The Voodoo Board weighs 18kg because it contains about 4.5 million tiny steel bearings.

[2] BROADBAND ISOLATION: These are housed inside compartments of different shape and volume.

[3] HI-END QUALITY: The board is totally handcrafted and contributes to the structural stability and optimisation of an audio system.

- The Straits Times: Friday, October 30, 1998

Any audiophile will tell you that to get the best from components like CD players and speakers, as stable as possible an environment is vital to control their vibrations, incidental or otherwise.

Acoustics & Engineering has created the Voodoo Isolation Board to do just that. A hand-crafted anti-resonance isolation platform, it is a highly effective solution for the mechanical control of noise and vibration.

On the first note, my jaw dropped! It was impressive. Let me just say this, I got more background information from that album.

SanJ. writer, I-Audio Magazine

For a very affordable price, you can own a well-designed and finished piece of equipment support. It's good value for money because there are ways to spend more money and get less result. When the upgrading bug bites, the A&E Voodoo board will serve the next component just as faithfully.

High-end isolator

Inside each board are compartments of various shapes and volumes. Each is precisely filled with steel shots of random sizes to dissipate vibration energy. In all, each has about 4.5 million bearings.

The board minimises information "dropouts" caused by micro-vibrational interferences from laser-optic players. It radically reduces the wear and tear of speaker drive units faced with low-frequency negative feedback howls from turntables.

A Special Feature with The Straits Times

The A&E Voodoo board is highly praised even among the notoriously fickle Japanese. It won a "No.1 Accessory" by a Japanese High-end magazine. It even created a niche market all by itself via, amazingly, only word of mouth. So you see, this thing has got street-cred.



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