Shermann High Performance

DXA3600 Power Amplifiers


Fast recovery power supplies with sufficient electrical storage capacitance to maintain ample energy reserves and ensure rigid power supply voltages feeding the power transistors

Automatic gain limited to prevent excessive clipping of the output power waveform

Build in a strong steel chassis, electro-statically coated with anti-rust paint

Designed to safely operate in Bridged mode allowing a stereo amplifier to be used as a twice the power mono-block in 8 ohm.

Proven design utilising high speed bi-polar power devices with extended safe operating area to ensure stable and reliable performance of the amplifier

Multi-sensory circuits to effectively protect both the amplifier and speakers from becoming damaged because of over-heating or other abnormal operating conditions

Cool operating environments are assured for output devices, power supply capacitors and transformers with high air velocity forced by vary-speed fan units into independant condults


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