Deodorize, Cleans & Purifies Air
with Double Effect


The Sharp PlasmaCluster Air Purifier : The spirit of innovation is in the air.

Does the stench of cigarette odour leave you gasping? Are you allergic to dust, pollen, and fungus? Are you susceptible to sickness frequently? Is your asthma acting up again? Wouldn't you like to protect your children against harmful bacteria?

Perhaps, it's time we cleared the air and spilled the beans about something which we often take for granted: pure, clean air.
Sharp's Plasmacluster Technology provides the 'double effect' of quality air. It not only purifies and refreshes the air, but it also eliminates harmful bacteria as well. The Plasmacluster Technology is truly is a revolutionary way of getting clean and fresh air right in the comfort of your home or office.

Sharp Plasma Cluster Technology Provides Double Effect of Quality Air


Ion generation process is applied at very fast speed and the H+ and the O-2 ions are generated alternatively so as to "release the same number of molecules at the same time".

Each ion becomes cluster-ionised by using water molecule's property of condensing (gathering) around a particle.

1. When released into the air, cluster ions surround harmful airborne particles which contains bacteria, viruses, and odours.

2. Once cluster ions collide with harmful airborne particles such as bacteria, viruses and odour-causing molecules, they transform into chemically active OH (hydroxyl) groups.

3. The OH groups extract H (hydrogen) molecules from the harmful particles and turn them into water (harmless substances H20) which breaks down harmful bacteria's cell wall by deactivating and deodorising the harmful particles.

*PLUS Highest level of purification using HEPA Filter (dust collection rate : 99.999%)